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Installing Hardwood Flooring? Consider Red Oak

Hardwood floors provide many benefits for your home. First of all, hardwood is hypoallergenic because the surface does not allow pollen and other debris to get embedded in your flooring (unlike carpet). Second, hardwood is easy to clean, requiring a dry mopping regularly to maintain cleanliness.
Another benefit of hardwood flooring is longevity: with proper care and maintenance (you have to periodically refinish hardwood to preserve its quality and keep the surface safe from moisture damage), you can expect your hardwood floors to last upwards of 25 years.
The hardest part about installing hardwood floors is choosing the type of wood for your home's project. You have many options: hickory, white pine, red or white oak, maple, and Brazilian cherry, to name a few. Narrowing down your flooring options is tough. Discover more about red oak to see why this hardwood material is an ideal choice for your home.
Red Oak Is Environmentally Friendly
Red oak is a domestic wood that is grown in the United States. When the wood is harvested, new trees are planted to replace the ones lost, making the material very environmentally friendly.
Since the wood does not have to be imported from out of the country, you have the added benefit of sustaining the economy within your own country as well, without having a major impact on either the economy or the natural environment.
Red Oak Is Affordable
If budget is a concern, then red oak is a wise choice for hardwood in your home because the material is a wise investment. Red oak is highly affordable, with a cost starting at $980 for 500 square feet.
You may pay more for your flooring installation if you choose a higher grade of red oak, although the cost of this hardwood compared to others is appreciative, making red oak the most popular hardwood flooring option for homeowners.
Red Oak Is Durable
Red oak is a very hard flooring surface, able to withstand the high traffic of pets and children. Red oak ranks 1290 on the Janka scale, a measurement for hardwood strength and hardiness.
Red Oak Is Versatile
If you want hardwood flooring that is easily stained to achieve the color and luster you want, then red oak is an ideal choice. The detailed grain in red oak is attractive on its own, and the flooring accepts nearly any color of stain without issue.
You can choose nearly any color of stain for red oak floors: honey, light brown, rich red, and even an elegant black stain can be applied to red oak hardwood floors without interrupting the natural patterns and grains of this beautiful flooring option.
Red oak is also available in a wide variety of natural hues and grain details. Since there are more than 200 subspecies of red oak available, you can choose the color, grain depth, and other specifics in this hardwood without having to rely on a stain to bring out the beauty of the flooring.
Red Oak Is Long-Lasting
As mentioned above, the average hardwood floor lasts up to 25 years or longer. Red oak, in particular, can last upwards of a century with proper care. This makes red oak an ideal solution for your hardwood flooring needs; you can have red oak refinished several times over the years to keep the material looking new and modern.

Hire a hardwood flooring specialist to install your red oak hardwood flooring for you. Your flooring specialist will show you the best ways to care for your new floors to make them last. Call us at Wood Floors Unlimited, Inc., for your hardwood flooring installation today.

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