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Why Replace Your Wood Floors With a New Installation?

Your floors have seen better days — much better days. Whether you have existing wood floors that you're thinking about refinishing or your floors are made from another material, the decision to install new wood floors is a major one.
Unlike minor home improvement projects, such as painting the trim around your doors or switching out your old kitchen faucet for a new one, installing completely new wood flooring can turn into a major undertaking. And that's what makes the decision to start on this process a challenge for many homeowners.
If you're on the fence, take a look at some of the top reasons to completely replace your floors and how this project can benefit you and your home.

Stains That Stay

You try to keep your floors clean. You make sure that they get regular maintenance, and you vacuum, dust or mop them as much as you can. But they're still stained.
Some stains are tough to get out, especially from wood. For example, pet urine is acidic. When it reacts with your flooring, it creates a distinctive mark. While there are products that specifically cater to pet owners, they won't always get the stain out. If Fido went in a corner, and you didn't catch it right away, the stain may have had time to set. Clean all you want; it might not make a major difference.
Even though pet stains are a major culprit when it comes to ruining your floors, they aren't the only problem-causers. While surface stains that catch right away are fairly easy to clean, if they sink down or stay on the floor for too long, you may be in trouble.
If you have a black ring on your floor, a patch of permanent discoloration or a stain that refuses to go away, you could strip, sand and refinish the floor. But if you have several stains or you don't want to go through the refinishing process, replacement with a new installation is an option that can totally transform the look of any room.

Damaged Floors

You have carpeting, and it doesn't look great. It's dull, stained or just not up to your style standards. So you start pulling it back, just to see what's underneath. And to your surprise, wood floors are hiding under that old, worn carpeting. You keep pulling and then it happens, you find major damage.
This isn't just one stain or a scratched area. There are stains galore, chipped boards and some pieces seem to be missing. There's no way to repair the floor and have it look like new. At least, not one that won't take more time and money than you want to spend. Instead of recovering it with new carpet that you don't really want, a new wood floor installation is in order.

A New Look

The floor in your dining room is okay. There's nothing really wrong with it, except that it doesn't match your current décor tastes. Whether you want to lighten the space with a soft wood tone, create a rustic feel with reclaimed pine or go for a rich color scheme with Brazilian cherry, a new floor installation can make a major difference in the overall look of your room.
Along with installing a new wood floor to go with a new style or color scheme, you can also add a layer of visual interest. How? A custom wood floor with an intricate pattern can create something that's truly special when it comes to your room's design.
Do you need new wood floors? If you need help with choosing a floor and installation, Wood Floors Unlimited Inc. can help. 

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