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Replacing Your Hardwood? 3 Old Trends That Are Back in Style

Updating your home is all about making your space feel new and fresh, so how do you avoid installing flooring that looks old as soon as you finish the baseboards? Trends come and go, but some hardwood floor varieties are making a comeback because of their inherent benefits. Here are three old hardwood trends that are back in style and why you won't regret putting them in your home. 
1. Lighter Stain Colors
In the late nineties, blonde hardwood floors were all the rage, brightening up spaces and making rooms feel larger. Although flooring colors started to get a lot darker a few years later, many people realized that the darker the floor, the dustier it appeared.
Today, more and more homeowners opt for lighter woods like birch and maple over dark, deeply patterned hardwoods like oak, because lighter woods disguise problems like scratches, dents, and dings better than darker varieties, which tend to look ashy when damaged.
Homeowners also prize lighter hardwood stain colors because of their versatility. If you invest in light hardwoods and a few years down the road you decide you want darker planks, you can strip and stain blonde woods a darker color easily. On the other hand, darker woods are impossible to lighten significantly, leaving homeowners with fewer options.
In addition to natural maple and white oak shades, whitewashed woods are also a popular option in today's market. Whitewashed floors give homes a bright and airy feel, while being much easier to keep clean than cream-colored carpets and rugs.
2. Parquet 
In the old days, people who couldn't afford professionally installed hardwood sided with parquet, which consisted of small, geometrically placed pieces of wood arranged into a single panel. When installed, parquet floors created large patterns, giving the space visual interest. Although parquet flooring fell out of favor in the seventies, modern varieties give homeowners flooring options that look luxurious — without raising the flooring bill.
Today, you can find parquet arranged in diagonal herringbone patterns, as well as the traditional basketweave pattern. Simple to install and replace down the road, parquet flooring often has a thorough varnish, making the parquet easier to use in places that are prone to water splashes like bathrooms and kitchens.
Parquet is also available in a long list of color options, ranging from traditional wood grains and white washes to deep reds and calming blues. Because the wood designs lend interest to darker floors, black parquet is a popular option for home and business owners alike.
Before you install parquet, think carefully about how long you plan to live in your place. Because parquet is such a decorative style of hardwood, future buyers may not like the style you have chosen. If you know you will move soon, try to choose a neutral style and color of parquet or go with a more traditional hardwood floor.
3. Longer Floor Planks
When your great-great-grandfather installed hardwood in his cabin, he was probably more concerned about covering beams effectively than he was about creating an intricate flooring pattern. Because of this, older floors had planks that were as long as possible. Today, longer planks are coming back in style, not because of their functionality, but because of the fact that they create fewer floor seams.
When you buy hardwood, keep in mind that the plank lengths will vary to make installation easier, but the average is around three feet in length. If you want more of a seamless appearance, ask your flooring contractor for longer planks. In some cases, you might be able to run the beams from wall to wall, creating a clean, striped-looking floor.
When you want flooring that stands out, stop by our showroom here at Wood Floors Unlimited Inc.. In addition to carrying a large variety of hardwood flooring options, our skilled craftsmen can also take care of the installation for you, saving you time and money. Give us a call today to learn more.

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