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We Add Warmth and Beauty With Wood Floors to Your Home
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Professional Wood Floor Installation in Nashotah

Types of Floors

Wood Floors Unlimited specializes in installing all types of wooden floors. If you are looking for versatility, then the rift and quartered red oak look is perfect for you. Are you looking for your home to stand out more? The Brazilian cherry floor is an exquisite choice for your home. Once we figure out the desired wood that you want for your home or business, then we can start installing your new firm and beautiful floor.

Hickory Floors

Hickory gives home character and uniqueness due to its rustic look and is also very durable. The level of hardness is 1820.

Hickory Floors
Red Oak

Red Oak

Red oak is a versatile style that can be fit to your taste. There are more selections of stain options when you use red oak. The level of hardness is 1290.

Brazilian Cherry

This is gorgeous and stunning and gives your home a statement of elegance. Brazilian cherry has the highest level of durability. The level of hardness is 2820.

Brazilian Cherry

Rift and Quartered Red Oak

This type of wood is known for its versatility to fit a variety of styles. The level of hardness is 1290.

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